Some things I've learnt along the way:

If the decision is reversible, then don't procrastinate - just do it.

Is it a problem (with a solution) or is it a predicament (where we're just managing outcomes)? Each requires a different mindset and expectations.

Think in terms of making a bet based on probabilities - sometimes there is no right decision - A chess player thinks in terms of 'candidate moves' - building a range of options - and the taking a bet.

Every decision involves regret for the path not taken. As Christopher Hitchens said "in life we must choose our regrets" - we have to learn to forgive ourselves for the paths not taken rather than overly indulge regret.

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If you feel stressed, don’t make the decision. You need more data or somebody to help you make that decision. A super-successful friend of mine always said, “only make the easy decisions.”

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