Hi, I’m Sean. This is the Breaking Point.

I’ve been a CEO & Founder for the past 20 years, building industry defining companies like Outlier.ai and Flurry. Over that time I’ve hired hundreds of people, raised over $100M in venture funding and touched millions of customers around the world. I’ve been very fortunate and now I strive to give back to the technology community that has given me so much.

In my career I’ve learned a lot about what works, and doesn’t, in leadership and business. I share all of that with you here, including:

  • Frameworks you can use to approach hard problems like hiring, designing your organization and running your business. 

  • Interviews with CEOs that share their journeys with you, focusing on the mistakes we all make and how to handle them.

  • Deep dives into specific businesses and sectors so you can learn more about how they work and what lessons they have for you. 

I also love to answer questions, so if you have topics or questions you’d like me to cover just let me know! 

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CEO & Co-founder of industry-defining companies like Outlier.ai and Flurry. Mentor & coach to over 100 startup companies and investor in many more.